OSB 11g Send GET request with dynamic parameters

So we need to send GET request like this so that URI will dynamically formed.

First we need to create business service with Service Type Messaging service, request mesage type text, and in my case I got XML in response. Also the main thing here is to set Endpoint URI in Transport inset to


That’s all we need for business service.

Next, for proxy service we do Routing node with Routing to our business service.

I have a flow like on picture below.

To send dynamic GET request is to put some Insert nodes on request action lane and send it to outbound.


Location and XPath is always as last child of and ./ctx:transport/ctx:request and of cause In variable outbound.

and Expressions:

  1. <http:relative-URI>{concat( ‘/app/v1/’, $request_type) }</http:relative-URI>
    $request_type is the variable that point to right service_action
  2. <http:query-string>{concat(‘service_id=1’, ‘&amp;’,
  3. <http:http-method>GET</http:http-method>

UPD 18.03.2016.

If you change request mesage type to none

and set request method to GET from HTTP Transport tab

you can remove last insert node

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