Live Choir Recording


"HARMONY" Chamber Choir

The Spring Concert was performed on 20th of May 2018 at Bread house, Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve (Russia) by "HARMONY" (VK) chamber choir.

The Chamber Concert Choir "Harmony" was created on the basis of the graduates of the Prokofiev's Moscow School of Music No. 1. The collective has existed for more than 10 years and over these years has repeatedly participated in various performances at the best concert venues in the country: the Bolshoi and Rachmaninov Halls of the Conservatory, the Moscow House of Composers, the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture, the Gnessin Academy of Music Concert Hall, the Moscow International House of Music , Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, etc.
For successful performances at various choral competitions the collective was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the laureate.



Live preformance was recorded with a simple setup. We used 4 microphones: Rode NT5 Matched Pair for Overheads, Blue Spark for Grand Piano, Rode NT1A for solo artist (20th song only). Choir was recorded with the ORTF stereo microphone system, also known as Side-Other-Side. The result is a realistic stereo field that has reasonable compatibility with mono playback.

Mixed in Pro Tools with a touch of EQ and compression to brighten up the vocals. No verbs was added so you hear the natural hall sound.

Youtube MP3


Number Track Min
01 Вступление
02 Распустилась Черемуха
03 Омывшись на заре
04 Зимняя дорога
05 Молодка молоденьная
06 Светит светел месяц
07 Сватушка
08 При широкой долине
09 Жди меня
10 Утром зорька
11 Не ветер, вея с высоты
12 Ноктюрн (С.В.Рахманинов)
13 Хвалите Господа с небес 2:57
14 Богородице Дево, радуйся 2:04
15 Тебе поем 3:08
16 Не умолчим никогда Богородице 2:58
17 Здесь хорошо
18 Вечерняя молитва 3:30
19 Ясный месяц 4:04
20 Колыбельная 3:57
21 Уж как по мосту, мосточку 2:59
22 Многая лета (Прокофьев) 3:03
23 Во лузях 2:26
24 Песня о криницах 3:30
25 Реченька 1:43
26 Заключение 0:44
79 min