Marshall JVM410H 100W head

British-built, the 100 Watt all-valve JVM410H head redefines versatility thanks to four tonally independent channels: Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, each with three switchable modes. Each mode reconfigures the gain structure of each channel, making twelve modes in total. Combining some of the finest Marshall sounds, the JVM410H has a vast tonal palette, taking you from Plexi/JTM45 cleans through JCM800 roar to modern high gain.

Marshall JVM C212

Guitar cabinet. Speakers: Celestion G12 Heritage, G12 Vintage 30

Yerasov Boggart 30W combo

Made in Russia. Bogner Triple Giant (Sharp) preamp. Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker. Valves - 3xECC83s, 1x12AT7, 4xEL84

DYI Isolation Box for 2x12 cabinets

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